Art Attack

  • Client:
    Downtown London Business Association
  • Awards:
    International Downtown Association Achievement Awards, Events & Programming, Downtown London, Art Attack
  • Areas of Expertise:
    Social Media, Earned Media, Content Strategy, Video


Challenge: Create an exciting and unconventional campaign to deliver a mundane message about road construction to residents and professionals in the downtown core.

Solution: Enlist the help of 10 graffiti artists to transform London’s main thoroughfare into an enormous billboard spanning three city blocks, reading: “Experience Downtown London.” Capture the entire 12-hour process using time-lapse video and push it out to London’s active social media community.

Results: Within hours, the time-lapse video received over 1,200 views on YouTube, eventually reaching over 6,000 views. Social media, in particular Twitter and Facebook, were instrumental to this viral reaction and incredible reach.

Downtown London saw a 30% growth in new Facebook fans within three days and the story was front-page news in both of London’s daily papers. Intercept interviews with Londoners arriving downtown that morning were overwhelmingly positive.

Since the campaign, the video has been used on multiple occasions by Downtown London and the City of London in discussions about the evolution of the core.


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