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Communications Coordinator
Renee Pelland

“Fostering a greater good is central to harnessing passion, and passion is central to producing your most creative and thoughtful work.”

Renee is a highly creative strategic thinker and is energized by collaboration. She draws inspiration from challenges and is passionate about cultivating creative solutions.

With experience working as general manager for a live theatre company, Renee offers a unique ability to excite, inspire and engage key audiences. Developing bold visions and in-depth strategies that mobilize change are at the core of her passion.

Driven by causes that demonstrate commitment to the community, she regularly seeks volunteer opportunities to provide communications consultation for local organizations.

Renee has an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from York University, and a Diploma in Public Relations from Western Continuing Studies.

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Favourite Projects:

London Ontario transit bus driving down the street, with There’s More At the Museum bus back advertisement on it.
Museum London

Three males playing the double bass string instrument during a performance.
London Symphonia