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Robarts Research Institute

Mobile-first strategy reaches thousands and brings medical research closer to home

Groundbreaking discoveries that save lives happen every day at Robarts Research Institute but an overall lack of awareness makes it challenging to raise money, get media attention and grow event attendance.

A digital marketing campaign featuring critical health care issues – concussions and chronic lung disease – was designed to increase awareness to highly targeted audiences with a proven interest in these areas.

Video was used to tell personal stories of the impact of Robarts’ research on patients now and in the future. Google Adwords, YouTube and Facebook were used to test key messages, gather audience behaviour data, drive website traffic and encourage video views.

This data will inform future campaigns and provide Robarts with key insights on how best to reach large diverse audiences. For example, mobile users were overwhelming receptive and accounted for almost 40% of the video views across all platforms while Facebook was extremely effective in reaching audiences of 55 and older. The campaign reached over 174,000 people, garnered more than 24,000 video views and 3,480 website clicks.

Over 174,000 people reached on online channels
during an eight week period

Over 24,000 video views across
Facebook and YouTube

Over 3,000 clicks to the website from key audiences
wanting to learn more about Robarts’ research

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