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VON Canada

A multi-channel campaign changes perceptions of an outdated brand and increases average gift size by 40%

Victorian Order of Nurses Canada (VON) was faced with an outdated perception, increased competition and a general lack of understanding and awareness. They needed to bring renewed energy and life to their brand and better educate the public about their programs and services.

Most home care advertising focuses on the adult child’s point of view, depicting their elderly parents as frail and needy. The brand refresh crafted by Lashbrook Marketing and Public Relations, portrays active and vibrant seniors living a safe and independent life thanks to VON and amusingly dismisses family concerns. Through direct mail pieces, billboards, bus shelter ads and print materials, the campaign has successfully changed perceptions and resulted in a 40% increase in direct mail average gift size from donors and a 20% increase in job applications for VON positions.

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40% increase in direct mail average gift size
from donors from the previous campaign

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20% increase in job applications for VON positions
from the previous campaign

A man and a women wearing swim caps looking at each other in the eyes, while holding a ring buoy.
Man using a hula-hoop around his waist, as part of a billboard advertisement.

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