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Downtown London

Late-night guerrilla marketing campaign takes community by surprise and garners over 700,000 earned media impressions

More than 80% of London’s office space is located in the downtown core and over 30,000 working professionals between the ages of 25 and 55 rely on Dundas Street for daily travel. Confronted with a six-week closure for routine road maintenance, Downtown London needed to show the community that they were still open for business.

To shift the reaction from inconvenience to excitement, Lashbrook Marketing and Public Relations developed a guerrilla marketing campaign, Art Attack, featuring ten local graffiti artists, 56 gallons of paint and an enormous roller in the middle of the night. Londoners woke up to a three-block-long message: “Experience Downtown London.” The unconventional campaign received over 700,000 earned media impressions, 1,200 YouTube video views in the first hour and increased visitors to downtown.

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IABC London Virtuoso “Best of the Best” Award
Communications Skills

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IABC London Virtuoso “Best of the Best” Award
Communication Creative

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700,000 earned media impressions and
front-page coverage on both major papers

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