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Museum London

How a local museum brought art into the city and increased donations by 56%

Museum London was facing a familiar challenge – declining donations and visitors in a competitive market and an increasingly digital world. With 75% of Canadians reporting they would “rather stay home” than visit a museum, theatre or gallery, our challenge was to convince them that art could be interesting, approachable and accessible for everyone.

Lashbrook Marketing and Public Relations created a multi-channel, multi-year marketing strategy that took art into the community. Inspired by internationally renowned and well-loved local artist, Greg Curnoe, the iconic and brightly coloured painting “Car” was splashed on every aspect of the campaign – from 2D outdoor billboards and a full bus back, to internal Museum signage, digital and print advertising. Box office donations increased by 56% and museum visits increased by 17% from the previous year.

IABC London Virtuoso Award of Excellence
Marketing Communication

56% increase in box office donations
from the previous year

17% increase in museum visits
from the previous year

There’s More At the Museum billboard mockup.
Three different versions of the There’s More At The Museum logo.

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