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Heritage London Foundation

The revitalization of a heritage foundation with a digital strategy enhances and modernizes the appeal of its historical properties

Presenting a traditional organization in a new, modern light was a complex challenge with a strategic digital solution.

Founded in 1981 and currently maintaining two heritage sites, Heritage London Foundation (HLF) was challenged with preserving history while modernizing their appeal to reach new audiences and build a loyal brand.

As a charitable organization faced with increased competition in a rapidly evolving event industry and driven by a goal of more bookings, HLF selected Lashbrook to develop a solution that will attract event organizers and maintain the Foundation’s life-long connections with London.

Through audience research, Lashbrook identified HLF’s opportunity to consolidate their three websites into one refreshed, open-source website to reflect changing audience needs and new types of events at their venues. The Foundation is also prominently featured, integrating the venues’ histories throughout the website’s content to reinforce the importance of the buildings’ preservation and community value.

Lashbrook also launched and developed templates for e-newsletters and a blog featuring event tips and trends, allowing HLF to promote ongoing and socially shareable content that is optimized for search engines.

Lashbrook’s digital strategy has resulted in an overall new, consistent look and feel for HLF, promoting involvement in London’s history and loyalty among its audiences. Since the new website launched, HLF has achieved a 52% increase in bookings at their two venues, a 93% increase in revenue!

93% increase in revenue supported by
enhanced branding

52% increase
in bookings

Why Give Billboard mockup.
Why Give bus back advertisement on a London Transit bus driving down the street.
Large outdoor Why Give poster on the outside wall of London Health Sciences Centre.

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