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Senior Designer
Ryan McLarty

“I love experimenting with new digital design trends and working with clients that are willing to take risks.”

Ryan creates cutting-edge digital graphic designs that leverage the latest technology to share client stories and build engaging online experiences.

With a multi-disciplinary background in digital post-production, graphic and web design, Ryan stays ahead of the curve and creates innovative solutions to complex challenges. Ryan’s expertise ranges from website and email design to coding, motion graphics and video editing.

Previously a Multimedia Designer with Postmedia and Graphic/Web Designer at The Dorchester Signpost, Ryan brings over seven years of digital design experience to Lashbrook.

Ryan holds diplomas in Digital Post Production and Multimedia Design and Production from Fanshawe College, where he graduated on the President’s Honour Roll. He currently holds a certification in HubSpot Design.

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Favourite Projects:

Girl sitting on the side of a playground area looking down at the ground.
London Community Foundation

Male team leader speaking to research team.
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine