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Are Your Social Media Efforts Working? Four Questions You Should Ask Your Marketing Team

By: Laurie Lashbrook | June 10, 2017

46% of marketers aren’t sure whether social media has generated a positive ROI for their organization. With heavy investments of time and resources, social media can quickly eat away at your marketing budget. So how do you know it’s worth it?

Here are the five questions you should ask to discover if your social media activity is worth the effort.

Are social media goals aligned with the business plan?

While an increase in Facebook fans or high engagement rate sound great on paper, social media needs to help your organization achieve its overall business goals. If fans and engagement aren’t resulting in sales, leads or donations, is your strategy working?

Establish SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely) goals that connect with the big picture so you can measure your social media ROI.

Is our content attracting the right audience?

It’s not about the quantity of social media engagement; it’s about the quality. If you’re targeting decision-makers, you want engagement from C-suite executives. Trying to raise awareness among millennials? Fans, followers and mentions should be from people aged 17 to 37.

Create personas and understand what influences and motivates key audiences to develop targeted content that will resonate.

Are website visitors from social media converting?

Whether you want website visitors to make a donation, subscribe to an e-newsletter or call your organization directly, conversions from social media should be established and monitored regularly. Do this through Google Analytics.

Your social media report needs to include a website analysis to ensure you have all the information available to make educated decisions. 

Do we have the right platforms in place?

Social media platforms are all different, so why do so many organizations treat them the same? Selecting the appropriate channels based on your products or services, key audience and content type is critical to social media success.

Identify where your target audiences are most active and think strategically before scheduling the same post across all platforms.

Need some guidance on measuring your social media ROI? Download our Essential Guide to Measuring Social Media Success and bring it to your next marketing meeting.


Laurie Lashbrook – Founder and President
Laurie is a strategic thinker, possibility seeker and change agent. She is best known for her ability to take a complex issue and develop a communications strategy that engages audiences, mobilizes support and builds an organization’s bottom line.

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