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3 Reasons Audience Research is Critical to the Success of your Next Marketing Campaign

Jan 25, 2018

Millenials are using Instagram more often, but baby boomers prefer Facebook. Young males surf YouTube, while young females are spending more time on Snapchat. Knowing what appeals to who can be tough, especially when it comes to digital trends. When you look at marketing campaigns, the winners are those that create buzz and conversation, while others miss the mark because they just don’t resonate or make sense.

Before you can confidently execute new strategies or tactics, you must understand your audience’s behaviours and influences. Consider the following reasons why audience research is crucial to the success of your next campaign.

Helps define your audience

To get a good grasp on your audience, create detailed personas. Personas are defined as fictional, generalized representations of an ideal target audience and they are typically based on in-depth market research, insights and analysis. Understanding how the target audience behaves, spends their time and consumes information will help you focus your strategy and execution.

Informs effective key messaging

Content that’s relatable and engaging will hit home with your audience. Be clear, concise and consistent to increase readability and impact. Determine the most important core messages and write simply, but with enough interest to hook your reader.

Provides key feedback and insights

You and your team may think the campaign is next level amazing. But if the audience thinks otherwise, your campaign could flop. Depending on your campaign goals, consider facilitating focus groups, distributing surveys or conducting interviews with your target audience. Candid feedback on key messaging, visuals and overall design will help refine campaign materials and ensure engagement across the board.

Market research takes time, effort and high attention to detail. But, informing your ideas with statistics and participant insights will improve the success and impact of your campaign.

Tristan Joseph - Senior Strategist
Tristan is committed to providing strategic solutions for a wide variety of clients, always taking into account the new world of digital solutions to reach target audiences.

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