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Five Ways Video Will Help Your Cause Get Attention

Jun 15, 2017

If you don’t have a video strategy to promote your cause, spend two minutes reading this post. The rise in video usage is staggering. By 2021, 82% of online activity will be video related. Whether it’s on your website or social media platforms, your audience will spend more time engaging with your organization if there’s a video to watch.

Read on for five ways that video will help your cause get attention.

Connect through stories

With over 7.3 billion people in the world, most donors and volunteers will never meet the people that you help. Video provides an opportunity to bring the real, authentic story to the screens of donors and give them a first-person perspective of the people who benefit from your cause.

Make people cry

Never underestimate the power of emotions – both tears and laughter – in garnering support. Your audience will take notice of a video that elicits feelings of empathy. Not to mention, people are 37% more likely to give if you make them cry.

Provide a sense of urgency

Speaking to your organization’s need, being relevant and sharing key timelines and milestones creates a sense or urgency among potential donors. This encourages them to share your video content with their personal networks.

Empower your supporters

Supporters want to feel like superheroes. They want to know that every single dollar or volunteer hour they’ve given has made a difference. There’s no better way to prove that than through moving images. Make donors want to give more and see more by creating videos that clearly demonstrate impact.

Stand out

Every organization has a mobile-friendly website and at least one social media platform, so just keeping the pace is not enough. To rally support, you need to differentiate your cause from the rest. Animation, motion graphic and documentary style videos can inspire people to give more than other media outlets.

There you have it. Five ways that video can make your cause resonate with donors and volunteers. For examples of using video in cause marketing, check out this case study.

Tristan Joseph - Senior Strategist
Tristan is committed to providing strategic solutions for a wide variety of clients, always taking into account the new world of digital solutions to reach target audiences.

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