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Three Reasons You Need a Paid Distribution Strategy

Sep 12, 2017

Chances are you understand the importance of digital marketing. Your organization is active on at least one social media platform and you work hard at raising awareness and creating valuable content for your target audience. But have you considered a paid distribution strategy? This is becoming one of this year’s biggest digital marketing trends and the benefits far outweigh the cost savings. Keep reading to find out why.

Outsmart the algorithms

Content. It resonates powerfully with your audience, demonstrates your organization’s expertise and most importantly, is the foundation for your social media content strategy. But promoting your content organically is not enough to make an impact – or even reach your fans and followers.

Social media algorithms are constantly changing. For example, Facebook just announced that they’re de-prioritizing posts from businesses, brands and media. This puts organizations in a tricky position to effectively communicate their message and drive their online marketing strategy. The solution? Incorporate paid distribution through your social media channels.

The intense competition

Organizations are allocating more of their marketing budget to online platforms, while spend on traditional advertising is declining. In fact, nearly two million businesses are using Facebook to advertise. To stay competitive and maintain top-of-mind awareness, you can’t afford not to increase your digital investment. On the bright side, with a strong online marketing and distribution strategy, you can become a fierce competitor.

Attract new audiences

Digital is one of the best ways to raise awareness among new audiences. Whether you’re launching a Facebook, LinkedIn, Google or YouTube campaign, the targeting options are endless. You can create detailed audience personas on each platform to reach the right people and access real-time analytics to optimize targeting along the way.

Final thoughts

Digital marketing isn’t going anywhere and your return on investment might not be immediate. It takes time to build your online authority, so invest early to reap the benefits sooner.

Sarah Humphrey - Digital Marketing Manager
Sarah possesses a rare combination of analytical thinking and creative passion that she brings to all her client’s projects to help them achieve their marketing objectives. She believes education is a lifelong endeavor and utilizes that enthusiasm for learning to fuel her study of the latest developments in the dynamic field of digital marketing.

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