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Top 5 Sources of Creativity

Nov 3, 2017

Whether it’s writing content or developing a theme for your next campaign, creative thinking is at the foundation of telling your story and engaging audiences. But what happens when you get stuck?

Inspiration is everywhere; it’s just a matter of knowing where to find it. This is the basis of our Brain Buzz sessions – weekly meetings where our team comes together to share fresh ideas, spark creativity, stay motivated and be inspired. The most recent topic was our creative process and personal sources of inspiration. We wanted to share them with you with this Top 5 Sources of Creativity Infographic. Enjoy!

Ryan McLarty - Senior Designer
Ryan creates cutting-edge digital graphic designs that leverage the latest technology to share client stories and build engaging online experiences.

Great things come to those who wait!

The journey to find a new home for the London Children’s Museum has been exciting, arduous, fun and at times emotional. Lashbrook is honoured to be along for the ride with Amanda Conlon and her passionate team of staff, Board and volunteers.

3 Reasons Audience Research is Critical to the Success of your Next Marketing Campaign

Millenials are using Instagram more often, but baby boomers prefer Facebook. Young males surf YouTube, while young females are spending more time on Snapchat. Knowing what appeals to who can be tough, especially when it comes to digital trends. When you look at marketing campaigns, the winners are those that create buzz and conversation, while others miss the mark ¬because they just don’t resonate or make sense.