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Top Five Benefits of Effective Social Media Measurement

Jun 20, 2017

Organizations big and small maintain an active social presence with the intention of being “Liked”. But beyond the “Like”, very few organizations have an effective social media measurement strategy in place.

We’ve compiled the top five benefits of effective social media measurement. Check them out and start measuring the right activities.

Understand your return on investment

With planning, implementing and monitoring, organizations spend upwards of 12 hours per week on social media. That’s the equivalent to almost two full workdays! By measuring your social ROI, you can justify the resources being allocated to these efforts.

Save time

With the amount of insights and analytics available, it can take hours to sift through and make sense of it all. A targeted measurement strategy that focuses only on metrics directly related to your organization’s goals saves everyone’s time and resources.

Beat the competition

From fans and followers to post engagement, valuable information about the competition is available through analytics dashboards. Benchmark your performance against others in your industry, evaluate what they’re doing and determine how you can do better.

Create great content

It’s 2017; so your organization should be implementing content marketing. Was your infographic shared across platforms? Did your blog post generate leads from Facebook? Through consumption, sharing and lead generation metrics, you can learn what content has the most impact and should be produced most often.

Inform your entire marketing strategy

Social media measurement can become the secret to success across all marketing tactics. If a video does well organically, chances are it will perform well in a paid campaign. If your followers engage with an infographic, transform it into a print piece. Apply what you’ve learned from social media to make your entire marketing strategy more effective.

Ready to start measuring the right things, just not sure how? Download our Essential Guide to Measuring Social Media Success to get started.

Sarah Humphrey - Digital Marketing Manager
Sarah possesses a rare combination of analytical thinking and creative passion that she brings to all her client’s projects to help them achieve their marketing objectives. She believes education is a lifelong endeavor and utilizes that enthusiasm for learning to fuel her study of the latest developments in the dynamic field of digital marketing.

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