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Four Reasons We Love LinkedIn

Oct 10, 2017

If your organization invests in content marketing, pay particular attention to one social media network – LinkedIn. Over the past two years, LinkedIn has made significant improvements to create a more engaging platform. And we’ve taken notice.

Keep reading to find out why we love LinkedIn and how it can be leveraged in your content marketing strategy.

A professional audience

To reach a professional audience, LinkedIn is the place to be. Of its 500 million users, 44% make over $75,000 per year and four out of five users impact decisions within their organizations. While executives may be active on other networks, they interact with LinkedIn differently. For example, someone might use Facebook to see posts from friends and family, but on LinkedIn, they want to engage with business-related, useful content.

Build your personal brand

A LinkedIn Company Page isn’t the only thing that can benefit your organization’s content marketing strategy. Your team members (beyond just the C-suite) can leverage the platform to build personal and professional brands through thought leadership. The more people distributing content, the more opportunities there are to reach and connect with new audiences.

Generate quality leads

The proof is in the numbers. Over 80% of leads generated through social media come from LinkedIn. A strong image, a compelling pitch in your company description and posting regular, informative updates, will make your LinkedIn presence an effective part of your inbound marketing funnel to drive website traffic and increase conversions.

Extend your reach

As with any social media network, organic posts on LinkedIn will only reach a fraction of your company’s followers. You need to invest a portion of your marketing budget to paid distribution to truly reap the benefits. Whether it’s native advertising through Sponsored Updates or Sponsored InMail messages directly in your audience’s inbox, LinkedIn offers powerful marketing solutions and detailed targeting options to extend the reach of your content.

LinkedIn isn’t the biggest social media network, but it can be the most profitable. Leverage the platform to distribute your content and connect with the audiences that matter most to your organization.

Sarah Humphrey - Digital Marketing Manager
Sarah possesses a rare combination of analytical thinking and creative passion that she brings to all her client’s projects to help them achieve their marketing objectives. She believes education is a lifelong endeavor and utilizes that enthusiasm for learning to fuel her study of the latest developments in the dynamic field of digital marketing.

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